Why does my cat bite the wires


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How to prevent my cat from biting the wires

It is a fact. When kittens are getting their final teeth they bite absolutely everything, even what they shouldn't. But also, once adults can continue to do so. They love to play with everything that can move and / or catch, so shoelaces, wool, and so on will become toys for your furry.

However, special care must be taken with some objects. Today I am going to tell you how to prevent my cat from biting the wires.

If the cat bites a cable and it is connected to the electrical circuit, its life would be at great risk. He, of course, has no way of knowing, so it is up to us to protect him. Fortunately, there are several things we can do, and they are as follows:

Cat repellents
In pet stores you will find cat repellent products. They are very useful when you want to avoid being bitten by wires. You just have to spray the wall, the floor, and if there is, the furniture too. Thus, the animal will not approach that area, and you will not have to keep the room closed.

The hidden wires
Another thing we can and should do is keep the cables hidden. It is important that they are in a place where the furry can not access in any way. We cannot forget that they are very flexible, and that if they want something ... they will go for it. So, to make sure that you will not be in danger, we will fasten the electrical wiring to the wall with adhesive tape or, even better: with silicone.

Whenever possible, it is preferable to use wireless technology. In this way, you will avoid having cables in between. And, by the way, when you are going to use the iron for example, it is highly recommended that you leave the animal outside the room, especially if you love playing with the cables.

The cable, that so attractive toy ...

It is like that. The cable is long, thin, weighs very little and has the perfect resistance to calm the discomfort caused by developing teeth. It is, in this aspect, very similar to the strings, only that these can be broken easily (and, true, they are not dangerous). The kitten enjoys biting everything he finds, because it is not just about biting and that's it, but also exploring his territory, which he does every day.

We might think that there will come a time when he will know where everything is, but the cat is not like that. When the cat grows up, it will continue exploring everything, and that means that if there is a new cable it will go to, at least, sniff.

…and dangerous

In the same way that we do not let small children approach the sockets, we must not let the cats approach them or the cables. The danger is real. If you bite a cable that is plugged in, it will be electrocuted and your life could be in serious danger. Therefore, the necessary measures must be taken so that this does not occur. What are these measures? The following:

  • Keep the cables hidden behind the furniture.
  • Protect the cables with PVC pipes.
  • Unplug, if possible all, the wires of the house when you are not and when you sleep.
  • Play with your cat daily, 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes. A tired cat is a happy cat that will not be so eager to bite the wires.

Protect your cat from cables to avoid problems.

What to do so your cat doesn't bite wires

First and foremost is that you take a good look around your home, and identify all the electrical risk points.

You must be especially careful and pay special attention to any object that is at the height of your kitten and those that are also on surfaces to which it can jump. Needless to say and remember that felines are jumping ninjas and reach almost anywhere.

To have very careful with:

  • Computer, Internet or printer cables.
  • Temporary use cables, such as a fan, a dryer, etc.
  • Cables that are not within your reach but for your cat, cats arrive and fit anywhere, so take the time to check the wiring of all areas that are considered inaccessible.
  • Special caution with the ends at which it joins the connector or the electrical appliance. however protected they are, the final sections are not fully covered.

Do not have many devices connected to a single outlet. Not only to avoid overloads, and that your cat's life is in danger, but so that there is no accident.

Keep the end of the appliance cable near the socket, to prevent you from tripping over, and especially that your cat see the cables like a real playground. It is a very suggestive and attractive image for him. Do not even think that a cable is very tight and is floating in any room, because surely your feline friend will jump to hang on the toy.

Disconnect electrical appliances that you don't use often and better store them in a place that is not accessible to your cat. It makes no sense to expose devices that you are not using to dust and wear when they can be well stored without being a potential danger to your cat

If you see it necessary after reviewing your entire home, redistribute the furniture so that the cables and the strips are well hidden and collected and of course, out of sight and reach of your kitten.

Cats are very, very flexible and fit almost any hole. Spend as much time as possible to block spaces that you find behind shelves, tables, etc. To ensure that your cat does not see the wires and does not occur to bite them.

When you are going to use an appliance in a timely manner such as the iron, the vacuum cleaner or any other, try to your cat is not close While moving or using them, it is best to avoid risks and temptations.

How to protect the cables

You must to protect cables, plugs and sockets. There are many ways to do it, among others:

  • Use strips of tin, double clear paper, insulators, cardboard or clips to fix the loose wires and cover them.
  • Impregnate the wires of any substance that displeases your cat (citrus, vinegar, pepper, etc). Try to dry before reconnecting them. Do not use anything that is salty, because it will attract your cat.
  • There are specific products such as the Chewsafe brand to cover the cables, with citrus essences that will make your cat not want to bite cables.

Keep your cat distracted and active

If your cat has a tendency to search and play with cables, and it is very hard to find them. Get down to work so that your little one is well distracted with other things, like:

  • Catnip, the fascination with catnip is well known, they like the smell and it is good to bite it.
  • Toys for cats, or improvised, let's not forget the power of cardboard boxes so that your pussy goes crazy with joy.
  • And the most important, spend time with himEvery time you try to catch a cable, try to dissuade him by making something else more attractive.

As an owner or human who shares a flat with cats you must be responsible. Pay attention to those little details that can put your furry partner's life at risk.

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Why do cats bite wires?

Although it seems that your cat has an obsession with the wires of the house, the taste is not only for this element. What's going on? When cats start teething they chew on anything they see and even more if this hangs and swings from somewhere, because it also becomes a game.

Most cats overcome this problematic behavior from their second year. However, if it is not completely eliminated at this stage of life, it can become an obsessive habit. Keep the kitten and home safe. Chewing a plugged electric cable can burn your cat's tongue, break teeth, electrocute it and cause internal damage and even cause death (depending on intensity).

If your cat is an adult and continues with this behavior even though he has left the teething stage far behind, it may have to do with the boredom factor. Cats, although homemade, need a lot of activity and play. If your cat goes crazy with the cables and not only plays with them delicately but chews and breaks them, you could help correct it and divert its attention by distracting it with toys that simulate fun and challenge, supporting it with the interaction with its human family . For example, simple boxes, sheets, cloth and cloth animals love cats. For more information, don't miss our article on the funniest toys for cats.

Better stay away from wires

Surely, you have all the ingredients at home to make the following magic potions that will keep your cat away from the wires, simple and powerful. If not, you can buy them at any store or supermarket. To know how to prevent your cat from biting the wires, take note of the following recipe:

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly with 2 teaspoons of very acid lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of ground red pepper.

Spread this mixture through all the electrical wires that are exposed in your home. Although felines are attracted to odors, they hate the taste of a very sour lemon and the itch of a strong pepper (warm-blooded animals avoid them). Vaseline acts as an adherent of the mixture to the cable and helps keep it compact.

Although visually it is not very pleasant, while you are in the process of eliminating this behavior in your cat, wrap the wires in aluminum foil, double-sided tape (the gray-silver ones), or with the plastic called "bubble wrap "which is used for packing and that, generally, cats do not like because of the sound and the effect they cause when busting the balls.

Cable and cat-proof home

As always, in Expert Animal, we recommend prevention. And although we know that, practically, in all the homes of the world the electric cables tend to hang, it is very important to do everything possible so that this does not happen, especially if you have animals and children. Make sure your home is safe for your pet and your family.

First, save all video game console controls, try using wireless headphones and block the spaces in your home where there may be some interest from your cat. Second, any cable must be wrapped tightly and hidden behind the furniture. You can rely on the typical metal loops of the breadbags to make the cables shorter and prevent long extensions from hanging (that catches their attention). Avoid at all costs the snake and pendulum effects, you can avoid these temptations, using some adhesive tape to get the cables out of the way and stick them to the wall.

Follow all our tips to prevent your cat from biting the wires and you will see how, little by little, he will put aside this practice that can cause so much damage to both the animal and the home.

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