My Dog Doesn't Eat Feed SOLVE IT EASILY!


Not abusing snacks, wet food or human foods, among other issues, could prevent pet reluctance

How to make my dog ​​eat I think? This is one of the problems that many of the owners of these fantastic pets face. And is that, Although dogs usually eat quite well and in abundance, sometimes they can be quite special.

Why does my dog ​​not eat I think?

This is the first question we must ask ourselves when this problem occurs in relation to our pet. Although sometimes it can be difficult to discover the problem, One of the main reasons is the change of diet, especially if this has been abrupt.

Another reason why it is not possible for our dog to eat I think may be the brand: Poor quality feed is often rejected by many animals, although this cause is not a priorityWell, cheap feed is usually not healthy, but it is usually palatable thanks to cheap but good-tasting materials. Try not to skimp on your pet's food and opt for the best feed for your dog.

Excess food can be another reason, although in this case it is likely that pathologies such as obesity in dogs arise before. Boredom is another reason why your dog does not eat I think from time to time, so it is interesting to offer food through environmental enrichment. On the other hand, giving leftovers to animals may be encouraging them to prefer this occasional meal to feed.

We must bear in mind that one of the reasons we do not get our dog to eat I think may be that he is sick. We must consider when to take our pet to the vet, because If the loss of appetite does not coincide with changes in food, and is coupled with mood changes or symptoms of illness, the problem is probably that you are sick.

Tips to make my dog ​​eat I think

Probably the best advice we can give you is mix the feed with warm water, especially in winter, or with homemade chicken broth, which is important that it does not contain toxic elements such as onion or salt.

Not giving leftovers or human food to our pets will not only improve their health and reduce the chances of poisoning, it will also encourage our pet to eat the feed. Equally, not abusing the awards is another recommendation made by professionals when making our dog eat feed.

In general, we must be strict with the diet of our pets: problems in the diet of pets are the main cause of their health problems, and based on quality feed guarantees that our dog will live many years without diseases linked to your nutrition

Graduated in Veterinary by University of Leon (2018). Specialization in Biology and Primate Behavior (Wildlife Biology) by the Girona University.

He has participated in different courses and conferences:

  • XVIII AVAFES-Zaragoza Conference on Primatology of the Association AVAFES-Zaragoza (2014-2015).
  • VI Cycle of Conferences of the Exotic and Wild Fauna of the Association AVAFES-León (2014-2015).
  • International Days of Wildlife Pathology organized by the AVAFES León Association (May 2016).
  • X Theoretical-Practical Course of Primatology: the Communication in Primates at Rainfer Primate Rescue Center (April, 2017).
  • III Course of Hurones Clinic of the AVAFES-León Association (2014-2015).
  • Course "Biodiversity Crisis, conservation and threatened species ”of La Jurbial Environmental Services and University of León.
  • Course "Wildlife Animal Welfare in Captivity”Organized by Avafes León (February 2017).
  • MOOC course of “Environmental Challenges in a changing world" of the university of Navarra (December 2016).
  • MOOC course of “Cognition and canine emotion" of the Duke University (February 2017).
  • MOOC course of “Introduction to Conservation" from United for Wildlife (2015).

Eugenio Fernández Suárez is veterinarian with experience in wildlife management and with special emphasis on primates. He has collaborated with various sanctuaries and reception centers of fauna in Spain, and has special interest in the animal behavior, animal welfare and both scientific and environmental dissemination, through various projects. Volunteer inThe Forest Zoo (Oviedo).

They say we are what we eat, which is why many symptoms caused by diseases can be relieved through food. In the case of our pets this issue is also applicable. Therefore, today we talk about the best ...

Our dogs need to feed on feed, a food specially prepared for them that meets all their nutritional needs. There are many brands in the market, but this time we will talk about the premium brands of the moment and what ...

Our dog is our best friend, and that is why we want his nutrition to be ideal. According to most experts, a quality and appropriate feed for our pet is the best food we can provide. But,…

Do not snack

I know: it is tremendously difficult to avoid it. His sweet look says it all. We know we shouldn't, but ... he is so handsome, and we love him so much ... Yes. But we also have to be strong. For it, We can think that if we are giving him everything he wants, in the end he could take a few extra kilos, which could cause very serious health problems in the medium or long term (diabetes, hypertension, among others).

Add some oil to the feed

Maybe what happens to your furry is that you don't notice the taste of the feed. To help you, you can pour a little oil over it and stir it with a spoon. An alternative, even tastier, is to prepare boneless homemade chicken broth and throw it into your meal. So you may not be able to resist.

Mix the feed with wet food

The most effective way to get the dog to eat again I think is mixing it less and less with the food he was eating so far. This is the plan:

    First week: mix 70% of your com> Avoid changing a lot of brands

I tell you from experience: a dog that is changing its brands of feed every so often becomes VERY sybaritic, almost, almost like a cat. It is best to give a high quality feed (without cereals) from the beginning and not change it.


Hi. I have a French bulldog (small) of 8 months and weighs 7.5kg. I started by giving him Proplan and he ate the feed without problem from 2 months to 6 months, 3 times a day, however being the pepa a little big and eating voraciously he sometimes vomited. Choose to change your feed and buy a 20kg bag of Propac (super premium), initially ate it for 2 weeks and then stopped eating it. I try to eat 200 gr. a day but hardly reaches 70 gr. I must mix it with rice so that it eats its full ration and there if it eats everything. I have read the blog and I see that the suggestions are to leave the feed for 30 min and then remove it (I have not done it continuously). I would like to know what recommendations you can give me:
How many times a day should I feed him?
How long (days) can it take for the technique to be effective, to remove the food every 30 minutes?
How many days can my dog ​​go without eating?
In case you do not eat the amount that corresponds 200gr. day, when could i fall into malnutrition?
What other alternatives do I have?
What other solution do I have if the technique is not adequate?
Ultimately if I have to throw the feed and change it I would, having to have it badly used to the mixture of human food.

Thank you very much for the suggestions.

I have a Jack Rusell puppy and I have trouble eating if balanced. It weighs 5 kilos how many grams I would have to give him was with a little diarrhea and I gave liver to which the veterinarian told me not to give him chicken ... but I am also afraid that he will do badly and the balanced does not want to. He eats it when he has no other left. A tip I would like to thank you very much. You are eating Royal Cannin greetings atte Alejandra