How to exercise your hamster?


The pet hamster needs exercise to stay healthy, and to combat the boredom of living in a cage. There are several ways to exercise your hamster that is fun for you and your pet! Things you will need
hamster running ball
Small animal fence
Variety of hamster toys
hamster wheel
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Feeding a hamster treats can be fun, but they can also be added to your small waists. Make sure your hamster has a balance between your diet and your exercise.

Let your pet run on a hamster ball running to give your hamster some exercise and much time needed to get out of his cage. There are several sizes of hamster running balls at your local pet store. Make sure you choose the size that is right for your hamster.

Watching your hamster use a hamster running the ball can be just as fun for him as it is for you! Be sure to clean a flat surface to run. Kitchen floors, or other smooth surfaces seem to work better. Be sure to block any measures or other potential road hazards, such as the dog!

Playing on a small animal fence is another good way to exercise your hamster. Small fences can be purchased at your local pet store, and provide an instant playground for your pet. I used mine outside on the grass, on a hard floor in the house, and even on the carpet.

Add some hamster toys to the small playground near the animals, and the hamster is sure to wake up and play for a while. There are many toys in the hamster market that include wooden swings, pipes, miniature furniture and picnic tables, even complete with bowls for a healthy snack!

Operating in a hamster wheel inside the hamster's cage is another good option for your hamster to get some exercise. The hamster running wheel must always be available, for late night sessions worked. However, a variety of exempt wheels are available that could be added to a hamster playground.

Climb, run and investigate what is another way your hamster can exercise. While watching a program on television, take your hamster out of his cage and make him climb on his shirt and you investigate! Bonding time will be appreciated by you and the hamster.

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Exercising your hamster can bring you multiple benefits. We must avoid becoming obese and even many of them lose mobility in one of their limbs due to lack of stimulation in the area. Although, the most important reason is that you should simulate their natural habitat. They would surely be moving all the time, so you should give him a little help, here we will give you some tips so you can buy.

The wheel

This is an article that revolves around the steps of your hamster and makes it run. The wheel should be solid, if possible, without bars or spokes, because it can entangle its tail. Ideally, it is a smooth one. It will make it move more easily.

It is important that you check the wheel size. Make sure it is ideal for your pet, since it must be consistent with the size of your hamster. If you buy a wheel smaller than him, you will affect his back. If you buy a larger one, it will make a lot of effort and will not help you exercise.

Mind you, not all hamsters prefer this mechanism for running. Do not force him to use it. Just give it time and monitor it to monitor its behavior.

The ball:

A ball is an article for younger and active hamsters. It's hilarious for them and they don't hit each other. What yes, you must make sure that there are no precipices where it can fall. Many people take the hamster out of the cage so it can move with more space.

You can limit the spaces by placing a circle-shaped hose on the floor. In this way, he will roll only in the center and not everywhere. It is recommended that you be between 10 to 15 minutes on the ball, 2 or 3 times a day. It is important that you stimulate him by taking him out of the cage, so you take away his stress and he has fun.


Putting horizontal bars inside the cage so you can climb is an excellent idea. Hamsters love to climb, especially the youngest. So you can put a ladder at each end of the cage so you can go up and down as many times as you want.


The idea of ​​toys is that they think they are having fun, but you know they are moving and exercising. There are some that you can manufacture. As for example, put a firm rope tied at the top end of the cage. Your hamster will practice climbing, as he will try to climb.

Exercises for your jaw are also important. Put a piece of wood, not very hard, or small tree branches so you can chew.

Small stones can be weights for your pet. They move them everywhere and move them until they get bored. This It will stimulate its strength and, in turn, will move everywhere.

As you can see, there are economic ideas for your hamster to move from side to side. You should worry about him exercising. You will make him very happy and he will be a healthy pet. Try these ideas and enjoy watching how you have fun!

Your hamster is old

You have taken such good care of your pet that it has reached a mature age. And through this door represents the same changes for hamsters as for humans. With the arrival of old age come the physical problems.

Your pet is no longer as active as before, nor is it in the same physical condition. For example, arthritis is a very typical disease in older hamsters. Which means that if your pet has this disease in any of its joints, it may be uncomfortable and even painful run on the wheel

If your hamster is older and stops using the wheel, it is best to visit the veterinarian to rule out own diseases at the same time as arthritis and recommend a diet that distances him from possible obesity.

Wheel size

One of the most common reasons why hamsters stop using wheels is because they have grown and they have small. They find it uncomfortable and in some cases even painful because they must arch their backs too much to make any movement, so they avoid them altogether. It is important that when your pet uses the wheel, its back is completely straight, if it arches, it can bring severe back problems.

If your hamster is very active and this happens, a solution would be to acquire a new wheel suitable for its size. The best is choose the largest for the species of your hamster, especially when the animal is small and you do not know how much it can grow (it will always be safer to have a large wheel than one that is small and the best thing will be that in the future you will not have to buy another). The other solution would be to take him out to play in a controlled garden where he can exercise.

Wheel design

Perhaps your hamster does not like precisely that wheel that you have bought for him (yes, the animals also have tastes) the wheel may not spin in the way he likes or the material is uncomfortable. For example, the bar wheel they can present problems in the claws and increase the possibility that your pet dislocate or break any of the limbs, and it can also happen that you cannot move it, therefore, sooner rather than later you will stop trying to roll on it.

The ideals and that the hamsters most like are those of plastic or wood that have a solid ground. If in your case you have a wheel of bars, a homemade solution that you can apply is to paste a rough cardboard across the wheel resembling a smooth but non-slippery floor. If you have the money try to buy a pair of wheels of different designs, in this way, your hamster will be more entertaining. Remember to cut the claws of your pet well so that with less reason it will run over the surface of the wheel.

A scandalous wheel

One of the least common reasons that can happen is that the wheel turns out to be too scandalous every time it is activated. You must make sure first thatroll smoothly and without run over, and that first of all do not make noise, since for some hamsters they usually find them quite unpleasant and more if they are of the nervous type.

Try applying a few drops of olive oil to see if greasing stops making noise and if not, you may have to change to a quieter wheel.

He doesn't like to exercise

Perhaps, simply, your hamster is somewhat lazy and not a fan of exercise. This happens in many cases and even more so if the animal is older because they are tired all day and prefer to sleep and eat.

This is not at all strange, in fact, there are many cases where the hamster hardly touches his wheel. Try to decipher the character of your pet, remember that not all hamsters have the same personality, some are more active, others more sedentary.

The wheel is not the only option

It doesn't matter if it has the best design, be the quietest and most comfortable wheel in the world. Maybe your hamster simply doesn't like his wheel. And it's not personal against the one you've acquired for him, it's that he doesn't like any wheels. If this is the case, do not insist that you use it, try other options such as climbing trees or game towers.

On the other hand there are other hamsters who prefer a more organic exercise, that is, walk freely around the house, go up and down the stairs, run in bed and jump pillows. Let your pet experience in your own home, but keep your attention on it, it is small and can go unnoticed.

If you want to read more articles similar to Why doesn't my hamster use the wheel?, we recommend that you enter our Curiosities section of the animal world.

How to Exercise a Hamster

In order to stay healthy, hamsters must have a daily exercise routine, just as we humans do. Hamster diseases related to sedentary lifestyle, such as diabetes, heart failure and obesity can be prevented through regular exercise.

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day and stay awake most of the night, and do the same with their physical activities. Because they are crepuscular animals, their activities generally occur very early in the morning and in the late afternoon. When they are in the wild, during the daytime they are buried underground to protect themselves from their natural enemies, the predators, but they usually take intervals of sleep and rest during the day, and the same goes for your hamster, you will see him giving occasionally turns from here to there.

How to make your hamster exercise enough?

The most common exercise instrument for a hamster is the exercise wheel. This toy allows you to run freely inside your cage. In the pet store you can choose from a wide variety of plastic and metal wheels, pedestal wheels, and those that are attached to the cage.

Keep in mind that a hamster can run up to 8 kilometers per night, so make sure the wheel is silent, because if it makes noise, your beloved hamster will keep you up all night.

If you let the hamster run through your room, unattended, it may possibly bite some parts of the carpet, wood or other dangerous objects for him. Remember that letting a hamster play near food containers or in areas where food is prepared is not healthy, so I recommend that you look for a special area where you can run and wander safely, such as the bathroom or garden, But always under supervision.

If you play with your hamster for at least half an hour every day, you will be able to satisfy his need for exercise. Look at the hours when your hamster is active playing on his own, and play with him at that same time every day. When your hamster is asleep, do not wake him up, he will be in a bad mood and will not want to play, so leave your pet still if he is asleep, even if your friends want to see him and play with him.

When you are playing with your pet, put it to walk on your hands and other parts of your body, as long as you are sitting or lying down, this way you avoid an accident. If you let your hamster face you when you stand, it can fall and hurt itself. Young children can also play with the hamster, as long as they are under the supervision of an adult, as it should be noted that dwarf hamsters, especially, are especially fast and can easily escape.

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