Having a Cocker as a pet: characteristics and care of the dog


Cocker spaniel It is one of the most intelligent dogs and adaptable to all types of environments. He is really curious and awake, so he loves to develop his intelligence with games and training.

Also, it’s not a dog to be alone in the garden, You need to share time and space with your family.

2. Easy to train

This is in relation to the above, his developed intelligence together with His eagerness to improve and interest in learning make the Cocker Spaniel a very easy dog ​​to train.

You can teach him all kinds of rules of conduct and tricks, as long as you use positive reinforcement and be consistent.

3. You need exercise

Although it is a medium sized breed And you can live in all types of homes, including flats and apartments, if you need to do a certain amount of daily exercise, it is quite active.

If you do not receive the exercise you need, its energy accumulates and can channel it with aggressiveness or aggressive behaviors, destroying things, barking ... Dogs need to go out to exercise and socialize to be happy!

4. Fur care

The cocker's hair is really beautiful, but to keep it in good condition you have to take care of it. You have to brush your hair daily, or at most every two days, to undo knots and remove dead hairs.

The bath should not be done more than once a month, but you will be able to space them if you keep their legs and ears clean. If you feed him on a narrow plate you will help keep them clean.

7. A great friend for children

If you have children, having a cocker spaniel is a great idea. It will be your perfect companion of games and pranks. Did you know that having a dog is very good for children? It teaches them to respect animals, encourages physical exercise through games and also learn to take responsibility.

8. Veterinary care

In addition to the vaccinations and deworming necessary for all dogs, It is convenient to take it to the vet a couple of times a year for a general check-up. This will ensure that you maintain a good state of health, or in case you have a problem, it will be detected as soon as possible.

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Cocker Features

Physically this is a small animal, not as much as a Toy, which weighs between 10 and 14 kilos. No higher than 40 centimeters On all fours, the Cocker is a dog that can be of different colors. They usually have only one and are usually black, cream, dark brown, light brown or bicolor with two of these named. He fur is usually long, especially in the area of ​​the ears, the belly and the legs, where the hair is slightly wavy. When you have long hair you should take it to the hairdresser Canine regularly and make sure it is always clean and well brushed.

This race was originated in the United Kingdom where many kings and important personalities had one of these dogs as pets, which accompanied them hunting In unmentionable occasions. This type of pet returned the prey once hunted, that is, it did not rummage on the ground looking for burrows nor were they rater like other breeds originating in the same country.

Care for this pet

Being an ideal animal for hunting and, although it seems very quiet, you should practice sport regularly. Simply that you spend it three times a week during the week and play with him in the park for one hour on Saturday and another on Sunday will be enough.

Watch your diet too, because tend to get fat easily. In addition to having a long body and short legs, the belly will grow easily and will look thick quickly. This dog has a somewhat difficult character, so you must show from the first day who is the owner of the house. Not usually suitable for being with children.

It is a very dog affectionate and very dependent from his master, but he doesn't usually accept people he doesn't know or other dogs. Children could tense the ends of this animal and unexpectedly show them a aggressive behavior. Therefore, it is your responsibility that the dog respects each and every human that lives at home, in addition to supervising the games with the children in order to avoid incidents.

Having such a strong character will be complicated to train to this dog, because he will always try to get his way. Keep in mind that some of the dogs of this breed have demonstrated aggressive behavior due to genetic problem.

Therefore, before acquiring your Cocker make sure that the parents or grandparents of this pet have not suffered from these problems before. It is very important that you go to a professional, such as your veterinarian or a dog trainer, if you see that your Cocker has aggressive behavior for no apparent reason and you think it may endanger the safety of your home or that of other dogs in the street or park. You should not overlook this type of behavior, because it could be too late when you act.

So, this is an animal that well taught is a fantastic life partner.

Simply, take time to teach him well, don't let him get away with it, teach him who he should always respect, respect his care and never stop playing alone with children.

This dog, if he is healthy and knows how to behave, will be very affectionate and will require your pampering constantly, so it will be perfect to play with him in the park or sit on the couch together on a rainy Sunday.


All dogs are carnivorous animals, so It is very, very advisable to give it I think that it does not have cereals or by-products, or choose to give it a natural diet, either homemade (Barf), or Yum Diet, Naku, Summum. In doing so, you will ensure that its development and growth will be adequate, and you will also enjoy having a Cocker Spaniel with healthy hair and teeth.

Once a month you will have to bathe it, using a special dog shampoo. To avoid problems, you should start to accustom him since he is a puppy, since this is likely to end up enchanting him to have a bath.

Likewise, you have to brush your hair once a day, using a card type brush, and then passing the FURminator, which is a brush with rigid spikes that removes all dead hair.

Your eyes and ears should be cleaned often using sterile gauze and warm water., or with specific products that they have for sale in veterinary clinics or in pet products stores.

Physical exercise (walks, games)

The Cocker Spaniel, due to his past as a hunter, he needs to be taken out for a walk every day and played with him. In animal stores you will find many types of toys: teethers, balls, frisbee, ... With any of them your friend will have a great time.

You can even buy you an interactive toy So you learn new things, which by the way, will do quite quickly since it is a very intelligent breed of dogs.