How can we know if our Pitbull is pure?


I HAVE A DOG OF 2 months I would like to know if it is pure or not

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I hope not, they have a very special "character" that does not make it suitable for most. Those who have an apbt know it almost without exception, and most "pit bulls" you see on the street are not pit bulls.
Enjoy the dog that surely a pure one would not like you so much.
I pass this link in case you are interested, also ask if your dog is pit bull and explanations are given about it. Regards

The physical characteristics of the American Pitbull Terrier breed

There are two associations that have reached the agreement that the American Pit Bull Terrier It has to meet the following characteristics.

The pit bull It is a dog that has a medium size, with a solid and at the same time compact appearance, since its body is simply a little longer than tall. In the case of females it can be a little longer than in the case of males.

It has a muscle full of strength and well defined, it is a very athletic dog.

Its head has a medium, wide and flat measure.

Its snout is wide and also something flat, not as much as a bulldog, but it can be more or less long, without having to reach along breeds like certain shepherd dogs.

The nose is large and wide, with the nostrils that are marked very well and this can be different colors.

Their ears have a size that can be small and medium, tall or with a half drop.

The tail is from certain short form, with a wide base, which gradually becomes narrow until it reaches the tip.

Its fur is quite short, we can find it in all colors and patterns, this means that may have spots or not, brindle and mixed colors, whether white, black, brown, reddish, blue, among others.

Character of an American Pitbull Terrier

It is quite sociable

Has a stable temper

It is very strong

It is a dog of total confidence

With a lot of entusiasm

He is able to fully enjoy the company of other dogs and also humans

Family and friendly, even with unknown people

Protectors with the family, especially with children

Full of lots of energy and vital

How can we know if our Pitbull puppy is purebred?

Puppies, no matter what the breed, sometimes prove to be somewhat difficult to identify with a breed and as in the case of Pitbull puppies, we must keep in mind that despite being small they will continue to have a proportion, head and snout large and at the same time wide, in the same way it happens with the triangular and wide-base ears a little bent forward, if they are not trimmed.

Therefore, we have to see that it meets the same feature that we have mentioned. Besides, we must keep in mind that being a puppy, some of these character traits will be more defined, such as energy, trust, among others.

As the dog falls, it will be easier to be sure if it is a Pit Bull of or if on the contrary it has part of mixing with this breed.

One thing we want to remember is that the Pitbull is not an aggressive or murderous breed, it all depends, like any dog, on how the owner teaches him.

Main features of the American Pitbull red nose

It is a breed of prey obtained from the crossing of different Pitbull dogs, obtaining as a result a smaller specimen in size and with very specific physical characteristics.

As the name implies, the American Pitbull Terrier red nose owns the red or pink truffle, the truffle is the name that receives the nose of the dogs, located at the beginning of its snout.

Another characteristic of the Pitbull red nose is its hair color, always in brown tones of greater or less intensity, combined with white. Pitbull puppies also show these qualities from birth.

Its size is somewhat smaller than the classic American Pit Bull, reaching a height at the cross of about forty-five centimeters and a weight in his adult age of about twenty three kilos on average.

Another peculiarity of Pitbull red nose dogs is the color of his eyes, always light brown, to match the color of your hair. To know if your Pitbull red nose is pure, you must comply with all these instructions.

There are no different types of Pitbull red nose, only one. So if your dog has light eyes and a dark nose, it may be a classic American Pitbull terrier or a Pitbull Blue.

Character and behavior of Pitbull red nose

The character of the Pitbull red nose is quite balanced, it is about a very clever and cunning race, who likes to have fun with his family by making thanks for having a good time. He is very friendly and loyal, affectionate and attached to his closest beings.

On the contrary, the Pitbull red nose is also a bit stubborn and impulsive, so it is completely necessary to educate it from a puppy to avoid problems as an adult, we must not forget that being a breed of prey can be potentially dangerous.

His behavior at general levels is good as long as he receives a good education and is also socialized as a puppy. The contact with other animals and dogs of all races and ages is essential to learn to respect them.

Although he is an excellent companion he is also a great guardian and protective dog, due to these qualities and his strength in many countries in necessary to have a license for potentially dangerous dogs and a civil liability insurance.

How to care for and educate a Pitbull red nose

How good a prey dog ​​it is, we must educate our red-nosed Pitbull puppy so that he does not use the force of his jaw, that is, we must teach him not to bite other dogs or people strongly, which is known as inhibiting the bite.

Teach you in depth basic orders How "Come here" and "Quieto" can be of great help to control you as an adult, let's not forget that the Pitbull red nose is a bit stubborn and sometimes it is hard to obey.

American Pitbull terrier red nose puppies are very naughty and playful, they love to play with each other constantly even coming to simulate innocent fights to see who is stronger. If they do not have the company of other dogs at home, we must take them daily to the dog park to play with other puppies.

On care, the Pitbull red nose is not a particularly delicate dog, but rather the opposite. Your health is strong and it will be enough to give you the obligatory vaccines and recommended by the veterinarian to avoid getting sick

The Pitbull red nose breed is very active, once you are an adult you will need to exercise daily and take great walks. You must spend excess energy to prevent him from becoming nervous and unstable. A good practice is to take it with us while running or cycling.

How can you see in the images of Pitbull red nose that we include, it is a short-haired dog, so with a couple of brushes a week with a specific comb for short-haired dogs, it will be enough to keep it clean.

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